ICAI has hosted Online filing of request form for change of polling booth in the same constituency (Rule 5) or in a city beyond one’s own constituency [Rule 6(2)]


The Members who are entitled to vote by poll shall have the option to choose

  • for a polling booth in the same/different city within the same constituency (Rule 5) or
  • to a polling in another city outside one’s own regional constituency [Rule 6(2)]

due to change in his/her professional address published in the List of Voters or expected to be away from his/her professional address on the day of polling.

Last Date

  • 18th November 2021 – polling booth located within same regional Constituency (Rule 5)
  • 11th November 2021 – polling in a different city outside one’s own Regional Constituency [Rule 6 (2]

For online filing of request form for change of polling booth, Click here: https://changebooth.icai.org/

To know your allotted polling booth, Click here: https://appforms.icai.org/elections/knowyourbooth2021.html


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